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Plex Long:
“I’m not really much of a competitive emcee, usually I treat rap like track and run against the clock by focusing on measuring myself against my last verse instead of against other rappers.  But coming off my experience on “Better Left Unsaid”,where I felt completely overshadowed by 4 other Divine Suns, I knew I had something to prove to the crew.  I noticed that Dan had dropped a beat and concept for a song called “Scarlet Letter”, at this point in the process we were just posting beats and concepts in our private Facebook group and Suns were randomly jumping on songs, 1st 3-4 rappers to write and record a hot verse made it on the song.  I had never read the Scarlet Letter book, but I understood the basic concept of the story and after I heard the dope beat Dan dropped for it (which was right in my comfortable tempo range) I knew I had to get on the record.  Dan decided to add a twist to the recording process for this one, he said “on this one let’s not share our verses or ideas with each other until the song is complete”, that gave me even more incentive to get my shine on!  The concept was about how us rappers get branded negatively and stereotyped just because we rap.  Like the girl in the Scarlet Letter book, we are expected to walk around branded in shame because of our choice to emcee.  I approached my verse by naming many of the typical stereotypes given to rappers, then pointing out the areas in my personal life that contradict those sterotypes.  I concluded my verse by claiming to still accept that “Scarlet Letter”, despite the fact I don’t fit the stereotypes, because I love the art and will ride for the culture regardless.  I went to Anon’s crib to drop my verse and I could tell his reaction to this was different than previous verses he had heard from me.  I knew my verse was long, but I didn’t ever count the bars, I just kept rapping until my thought was complete.  After all verses were turned in and complete, I was awarded the anchor last verse spot on the song, which is typically an honor in our crew that suggests you had the best verse on the song.  I played the song for my producer Charlie P and he said it was the best verse he had ever heard from me, which is saying a lot, because we have been working together since 2005 and he has been involved in all 5 of my solo albums over that time period.  Knowing that traditionally Anon and Dan, who are both on Scarlet Letter, were considered the best emcees in the collective gave me an increased sense of unfamiliar accomplishment to be considered to have the best verse on a song featuring both of them and my personal favorite rapper from Divine Suns Hunch Punch too.  It was like the 2nd generation student had finally measured up to the OG teachers.  Then my moment of triumph was crushed when Dan suggested that we needed to do a radio edit for the song and my verse, which was 36 bars lol, was too long for radio song structure.  My pride and ego was damaged, but I took one for the collective good of the crew and agreed to write a new verse.  The album version that you will hear has the new 16 bar verse I wrote, but I can’t front, in my mind it will NEVER compare to the original 36 bar verse I put on the song.  Maybe that 36 bars will make it’s way to the light one day… until then, stay tuned!”

Dan Johns:

“Quiet as kept, this is my favorite song on the album. When i heard that sample, I knew that it was perfect for the Scarlet Letter concept we had discussed in a hangout. I was having trouble with the bassline though, so I reached out to Billy Northam, who is a more diverse producer than I currenty am. He was tied up with other projects, so Hunch suggested that I talk to Mark Magnesium (aka Mags) about it. I had no idea the brother had an actual bass guitar! he laced the record, live, all the way through the song, and sent the Reaper file back to me. The rhymes speak for themselves! I never intended to be one of the people “singing” the chorus. The words and melody came to me as I was riding. (Like Hunch,  90% of my writing is done in the truck)

I sent a rough draft of the hook to Anon and Hunch, since they have good relationships will some talented vocalists. I just want to add that i LOVE Plex’s 36 bar verse, but on a record that had 48 bars of rhyming before he jumped on, it was a risky proposition.”

Anon The Griot:

I think I had just recorded a hook to our song, Risk, and everyone was giving me grief for being the Drake of the Suns cuz I kinda sung the hook. Then Dan turns around and let us know he was working on a hook. Wouldn’t you know…. By brother got his harmony on. He gave me a lil space and I did the bass and Atlanta’s stylist to the world, Mariposa Butterfly laced the rest. It gave the song this driving energy. And being a book nerd, I was elated to go ape-shit on something inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne! It’s like literary repartitions. I also feel like that joint showed me how to live in the pocket. I think I owe the song a debt of gratitude. “

The Hunchpunch Champ:

” Dan dropped the concept and beat and i was sure i would not fit in. I believe Felix would have this spot, but shit has a way of clogging processes. So to get it done,  I tried to add something meaningful to the song(that i did not think i had) but still add a perspective. Had something i  unknowingly was  holding on to, and let it go.  Ill end it with one phrase: “Plex 36 bars of death. ” I still strive to connect with that level…”


“Dan kinda teased us in the beginning with this beat because he just posted a skeleton with drums and a few instruments for us to write to while he figured out the baseline.  I instantly knew it was going to be a banger.  I had never seen the movie and honestly had no comprehension of the concept so I struggled in the beginning to write to it. There was already several emcees on the song and after Plex dropped his 36bar explosion (before it was trimmed) I decided to do what no emcee ever wants to do and sit this one out.  This song will always be a classic!”


Song Title: “Divine Suns”

Artist: Divine Suns ft. ANON The Griot, Dan Johns, Felix the Black Cat, The Hunch Punch Champ & Trice Be Magnetiq

Song Produced by: Dan Johns and Trice Be Magnetiq

Video Edited & Directed by: Magnesium

Video Description: Some of the greatest stories have never been told. Some of the best songs have never been heard. At least not on radio. Such is the case with the Atlanta collective of Divine Suns. A narrative that began in heated cyphers on the campus of Morehouse College sees the light of day with a crisp and humble visual treatment. And while not household names, they are hardly new to the game.

Being hungry is an art and the Divine Suns have mastered the craft. The Morehouse alums make feast from famine this Divine Sunday. “Hungry Arms,” produced by Germany’s DJ Snapshot, finds Mikchek, ANON, and Dan Johns trading bars like a Hip Hop bazaar. The visuals, shot in Florence, South Carolina and Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, illustrate the magic which i sthe Suns: backyards and boom bap collide in a visual feeding frenzy. Grab your plates and prepare to be served.

After YEARS of putting it together, we are proud to present Akshun’s second album Sinner’s Therapy. Serving as the follow up to his debut album Diamond District, This album features production from: Midi Marc, CAP, Encore, JahFree, D Gents, Diheim, Swan Dito, Absoul and JackDollars, and N1lla. With rapper Cajwell showing up as the album’s only guest, Akshun gives listeners a front seat to view his struggles in life without exploiting the fly and flashy persona that has plagued rap over the past decade. Deciding to showcase a darker side of one’s life is a hefty task in itself, Akshun as chosen to be the torch carrier for HONEST hip hop. Hope you Enjoy.

Front cover
Back cover/Tracklisting


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After a busy weekend, I’m just getting this “Danthology” entry posted, which was in doubt due to a studio session with Akshun, family business, and spending QT. Anyway, here you go!

“Hip Vet” (REMIX) featuring Supastition (click to play/download)

This is the remix to “Hip Hop Vet” (i’ll post the original later in the week), which some people will still say is my best song ever. This song was the first time that my homie ill Natured-now-known-as Johnny Drama hit me with a beat. Being the first song to get recognition outside of my home state of South Carolina, it opened new doors and presented me with new opportunities.

Supastition (Kam Moye) and I have been friends for a long time now, and up until this song was recorded, we’d only shared the stage at shows we’d done together, or doing random freestyling (ah the old days). He liked “Hip Hop Vet” so much that he suggested that we do a remix together. So I hit up Nate, he got with DJ Prince Ice to do some new scratches, and Supa came to Flo-City to Record. We layed the song down at Six+1 Studios, and the highlight of the day (other than the actual music) was the trip to McDonalds where Amen told us how he really felt about some of internet’s most popular emcees. lololol. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

This was recorded way back in 2004, which is crazy in itself to me. Time flies, and since then it seems like Supa and I have done a lot of collaborations on projects released by either him or me. Whattup Kam!?! Comments and/or feedback is welcome

This is the first of my new “Danthology” series, where every weekend I’ll be posting songs from my catalog, and giving you a brief rundown of the relevance of the song, and how it came about.

Alone & Dan Johns – The Message (click to play/download)

This is a 2004 reinterpolation of the classic Nas song “The Message.” Al and I had just decided to record what we thought would be a short EP, which would later become the full-length LP Tech Files.

Tech Files was the first project that Al and I ever worked on together, and it was also the first full-fledged project that I was involved in after my fiance Misty‘s death. There is a lot of emotion and passion on that project. The Message didn’t make the final cut, as it was more of a tribute to Nas and us getting familiar with each other as emcees. I always found it cool that the Trackmasters sampled Sting‘s ‘Shape of My Heart‘ for this joint, as that is a pretty dope song in its own right. I found the song on a cassette tape years prior to this recording. I dug the tape out of my box, looped up the sample and added drums. I also ran a low pass filter on the sample to bring out the original bassline used by the TM. (yeah, some of yall didn’t know that your boy Dan Danger makes beats from time-to-time)

I was going through songs this morning to see what song would be the first one that I’d put up, and I ended up playing this joint like 5 times. Tell me what you think of it.

I just designed and added 2 new t-shirts to the clothing tab, and once my other design gets approved, you can expect more shirts early in the week. This image below is my favorite right now.

This video blog isn’t going to touch serious topics like the last one (best wishes to my cousin Nia Bradley), but it will give you a little glimpse into Misty’s Kitchen with yours truly and Akshun. We were working on our song “Premonition” for The Hype Machine EP.

Check it out for a (very brief) snippet and more. We even give you insight about the “tobacco waitress.”

The Mag-O Video Blog series will feature more than just the to-be-expected topics of music & entertainment. In addition to entertainment, we’ll be discussing news, politics, social issues, and more.

With that being said, we’re kicking off the video blog with an interview of Nia Bradley, my cousin. We discussed her world travels, her new 2-year assignment in Africa, globalization, family, and much more.

The interview took place in Charlotte NC, as we prepared to celebrate with my mom on an historic day for her (that in itself will be another blog when I get clearance from her to do so…). Pardon the background sounds as it seems that everyone and everything wanted to make noise once we started filming. Enjoy and hit me back with your thoughts.