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In 2007, I told you all that “the world keeps spinning; there’s no rewinds or going back to the beginning.” In 2015, it still holds true. Still, while we cannot go back in time, we can definitely handle unfinished business from years gone.

The Divine Suns (or DME as we were known then) formed WAY BACK in 1997, when we were all freshmen at Morehouse College. Spirited freestyle ciphers, low(no)-budget studio sessions, and epic emcee battles help us all forge a bond that has survived life and its many twists and turns. Ironically, despite all of our individual successes as artists, we have never completed and released a project as a collective before.

So, as ANON The Griot calls it, “Chaos Theory” is the ‘reunion album to the album that never happened.’ The album title lends itself to the creative process when 9 (and sometimes more) different opinions and views are thrown into the mix, blending into a creative stew.

The music reflects the natural growth of men. The fierce emcees have become fathers, and the ferocity once reserved for dismantling another emcee is now dedicated to providing for and protecting our families. Conceptually diverse, “Chaos Theory” showcases our various skill sets, without ever sounding forced, or as if someone had to TRY and fit onto a record.

A solid 19 tracks of music, ideas and theory (see what I did there?), this is project that we are all proud to share with the world. So proud that we invite you all to not only listen to and/or download the project, but we are confident that you will contribute to the cause. We understand that your contribution could come in the form of a monetary donation (where you set the price) or by spreading the word about the Divine Suns movement. Basically, there’s no reason that like-minded individuals should not have “Chaos Theory” in their collections!

We welcome you all to embrace the chaos, and join us at


Here’s the flyer for a show next Saturday in West Columbia SC, featuring yours truly performing on the bill with Fat Rat Da Czar and DJ Shekeese the Beast

As I’m sitting here watching TMZ with Megan, they do a piece about Hammer and Vanilla Ice performing together in some small venue for $30. The TMZ staff are debating on if Hammer and Vanilla Ice could sell out the Staple Center. I think that they could and Megan disagrees. What about you?

Would you shell out $30 for a joint concert by Hammer and Vanilla Ice? I would. (partially for the sheer comedy/irony, but i still would spend the 30). reply here and let me know

Posting this because I am proud to see 9th getting his shine. someone I know, and talk to sparingly, in the lab with Luda, Spike Lee, and Common! too ill.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Do You” (remix) f/ Dan Johns, Skyzoo, El Da Sensei, CP, Don Cerino & King Magnetic:

do youThe Returners are back with the remix of their recent single, “Do You,” featuring a strong line up of some of the game’s top emcees. Listen to it and judge for yourself!

“Do You” (rmx) – The Returners featuring El Da Sensei, Dan Johns, Don Cerino, Skyzoo, King Magnetic & CP (Click to Listen)

This is the first of my new “Danthology” series, where every weekend I’ll be posting songs from my catalog, and giving you a brief rundown of the relevance of the song, and how it came about.

Alone & Dan Johns – The Message (click to play/download)

This is a 2004 reinterpolation of the classic Nas song “The Message.” Al and I had just decided to record what we thought would be a short EP, which would later become the full-length LP Tech Files.

Tech Files was the first project that Al and I ever worked on together, and it was also the first full-fledged project that I was involved in after my fiance Misty‘s death. There is a lot of emotion and passion on that project. The Message didn’t make the final cut, as it was more of a tribute to Nas and us getting familiar with each other as emcees. I always found it cool that the Trackmasters sampled Sting‘s ‘Shape of My Heart‘ for this joint, as that is a pretty dope song in its own right. I found the song on a cassette tape years prior to this recording. I dug the tape out of my box, looped up the sample and added drums. I also ran a low pass filter on the sample to bring out the original bassline used by the TM. (yeah, some of yall didn’t know that your boy Dan Danger makes beats from time-to-time)

I was going through songs this morning to see what song would be the first one that I’d put up, and I ended up playing this joint like 5 times. Tell me what you think of it.

This joint is too real

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For as long as I can remember, whenever the conversation turns to my career as a musician, there has always been someone ready to say “don’t forget the little people when you make it.” You know the routine, when you make it, you’re expected to put your ‘peoples’ on.

In some ways, I’ve always wondered who exactly should be considered your ‘peoples’ in this sense. It’s a no-brainer that there are some individuals that are irreplaceable when it comes to the roles that they’ve played in your life. Then there are those who have been directly involved in your music career. This is where it gets sticky.

When I started my company, the first business partner that I had was a childhood friend that I had known for over 10 years. In hindsight, we had not been very close during high school (I was 20 when I started Mag-O), but we had never had any fall out. In the beginning, we hit the ground running, trying to reach out to everyone and anyone that would listen. As time passed (maybe like a year), we had some issues that made it impossible to continue to do business. I’ll also admit that in some ways, his involvement in the early years helped me get on my feet, and i kept pushing from there. But, after what happened, if i ‘blew up’ tomorrow, I couldn’t with a clear conscience ‘put him on’ in any way.

I said all of that to get directly to the point. Don’t expect anything from anyone. On the same token, its not that hard to separate true friends and family from posers. I will be the first to admit that it can be tricky to see the posers at first, but there are usally telltale signs about how far their loyalty will reach.

(I’m about to ramble, and this post may take a turn for the “dandom”, but bear with me)

Everyday, literally everyday, I get messages on myspace from rappers or producers from South Carolina, wanting to work together. That’s fine, because really the only way to find out if someone wants to work with you is to reach out. The problem is that so many of these artists approach me with this whole “i’m from SC so you gotta get down with me” angle. While I agree that there is strength in numbers, and that a united movement is more effective than 1-2 artists trying to break through (see: Wutang, Native Tongues, etc.), I can’t be expected to work with every artist from the state just because we share the same area code (new t-shirts on the way lol btw).

There needs to be chemistry, or at least a common goal. Or hell, let’s be real, if some of these people that I don’t even KNOW would at least step to me offering compensation, then I would be more responsive. The irony is that 75% of these artists, NO better yet 90% of these artists don’t even own a Dan Johns CD. AND they’d probably be the first one to say that I ‘sold out’ if I was to move to another state and gain notoriety.

Once I gained such notoriety, I’m sure some of the people that I hear around the town talking about how “joe blow mc” forgot where he came from and doesn’t look out for his people would say the same things about me. Don’t get me wrong, there are many cases where people find success and then act brand new. But there are more cases when people have this false sense of entitlement. I don’t think that I’ve ever used the word “entitlement” so many times in one rant.

The worst thing about it is that the people that have these so-called-issues seldom confront the person directly. It’s always hearsay, or indirect communication (the internet has turned a lot of squares into keyboard gangsters). You are normally the last person to know that someone has a problem with you. Personally, I just see it as an opportunity to cut the dead weight.

In closing, all that you can do is keep pushing, and be fair to those who you genuinely want to help, for whatever reason.You will always know in your heart who you’ve done right or wrong by.

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Young Jeezy – \”Put On\” Remix (featuring Jay-Z)


This is a night that i thought would never happen. Nas in concert w/ Talib and Jay Electronica. In Charolotte. If you don’t know, IMO, Nas is the best rapper of my generation. He’s inspired alot of my music and i pretty much grew up w/ him as far as the music goes. I’m pretty excited about seeing him in concert. Hell I’M PRETTY GEEKED ABOUT IT. Feels the same as when i saw Ghostface in concert, but just a little bigger since Nas is probably the biggest hip hop artist I have seen in the past ten years (I did see L-boogie and outkast in 1998). But Im out for now since I’m in a rush. I will give a more detailed rundown when i get back. PEEEEEEEEACE

Stumbled across this video on nah right, and I noticed that Young Buck showed up for Game’s video shoot. This could either be a sign of a changing of the guard (Wayne, Game & Buck in the same place, when wayne/buck had issues and we all know the game/buck/gunit story), or this could be the calm before another 50 Cent storm. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on it being a changing of the guard. time will tell…