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In 2007, I told you all that “the world keeps spinning; there’s no rewinds or going back to the beginning.” In 2015, it still holds true. Still, while we cannot go back in time, we can definitely handle unfinished business from years gone.

The Divine Suns (or DME as we were known then) formed WAY BACK in 1997, when we were all freshmen at Morehouse College. Spirited freestyle ciphers, low(no)-budget studio sessions, and epic emcee battles help us all forge a bond that has survived life and its many twists and turns. Ironically, despite all of our individual successes as artists, we have never completed and released a project as a collective before.

So, as ANON The Griot calls it, “Chaos Theory” is the ‘reunion album to the album that never happened.’ The album title lends itself to the creative process when 9 (and sometimes more) different opinions and views are thrown into the mix, blending into a creative stew.

The music reflects the natural growth of men. The fierce emcees have become fathers, and the ferocity once reserved for dismantling another emcee is now dedicated to providing for and protecting our families. Conceptually diverse, “Chaos Theory” showcases our various skill sets, without ever sounding forced, or as if someone had to TRY and fit onto a record.

A solid 19 tracks of music, ideas and theory (see what I did there?), this is project that we are all proud to share with the world. So proud that we invite you all to not only listen to and/or download the project, but we are confident that you will contribute to the cause. We understand that your contribution could come in the form of a monetary donation (where you set the price) or by spreading the word about the Divine Suns movement. Basically, there’s no reason that like-minded individuals should not have “Chaos Theory” in their collections!

We welcome you all to embrace the chaos, and join us at


Here’s the flyer for a show next Saturday in West Columbia SC, featuring yours truly performing on the bill with Fat Rat Da Czar and DJ Shekeese the Beast

Standing in the rain, with Biggie’s “ready to die” blaring from the same BlackBerry that I’m typing this blog with, it isn’t hard to come to the conclusion that we’ve come a long way as a society. (thankfully I’ve come a long way in this line since I arrived at 6:30am)

Seriously though, there are people voting this year that were alive when women couldn’t vote, and black people couldn’t drink from the same fountains as white people. This election features a black man as the candidate favored to win, and a woman as the vice presidential running mate of his opponent. The turn out at polls nationwide will undoubtedly lead to some sort of online process in the future, but today it symbolizes how important this election is to the people of this country.

As I survey the crowd, I can only ask these questions:

How bad does it suck to be standing in this long ass line with your toddler, knowing he or she isn’t going to understand why its necessary?

What part of the game is it when a man is standing in line on crutches, while somewhere else in the city there is someone that didn’t register?

Is my BlackBerry designed to take this amount of drizzle?

Why didn’t I leave 10 minutes earlier?

Will my coworkers have coffee ready when I get to work?

Speaking of work, do they really expect us to get anything done today?

Will I make it to work on time?

How really cares?

Dan Johns the producer

Posted: September 3, 2008 by danjohns in beats, dan johns, hiatus, hip hop, production, rap

So today marks my return to the realm of production. On the last few projects, I have picked out samples, and forwarded them to producers to make the beats, mainly due to my trust that they will make it fly. (shouts out to cats like croup, Jah free, Midi Marc and encorneluis for tolerating me and how picky I am about beats )
I’ve been making beats since like 98, and I’m serviceable as a producer. I love waking up early, digging through records, trying to find that next gem. Time led to my hiatus from the craft, as my focus was needed in the realm of songwriting and running my company.
Now that there are good people around me, I feel like I have more time to invest into beats. Not to mention that the business of music has been wearing on me, and I need something to renew my passion.

So, stay tuned for updates, and even the occasional leaked beat.

What’s up world? Pardon any punctuation errors as I’m doing this via BlackBerry. Just a quick update on what’s going on…

I have some deadlines to meet this weekend on the songwriting front, so I’ll probably be in and out all weekend. I’m off of work Friday and Monday to handle those things.

The homie Zillz (see his link in my blogroll) is currently designing the cover for “the hype machine ep.” A tease of the design can be seen at

Speaking of the ep, I’m about 10 songs into an 8-9 song ep, so you know I’m trying to get the best joints possible for the project. Ak is coming up Sunday to lay a verse or 2 for his appearances, and I’m thinking we’ll do a video blog of the recording of one of the songs. I need to do another video blog soon, so one way or another you’ll get one come Monday.

Chess players reading this should check out

When I do play online that’s where I do it there. (my handle is DanDanger)

Hmm what else random can I say? My Oakland raiders should win 8 games this year, which in the AFC will not get you into the playoffs. Still that will be a vast improvement from last year. You heard it here first.

And how about Josh Hamilton, former number 1 draft pick turned crack user turned major league all star? Wow. He hit like a million home runs in the first round Monday night. (I was watching wrestling so I had to catch the highlights on sportscenter)

yeah, check the clothing tab for the clothing line.

That’s all for now