Dan Johns is the Shogun. The once Gold Machete swings swift and precisely over any track, on any subject. His appetite for rhyme makes him a glutton on the mic. The South Carolina native is the definitive oxymoron: a Southern Emcee. Dan seamlessly navigates the divide between country grammar and true-school lyrical construction. Simply stated, the soul may be bible-belt, but the content is all boom-bap. His extensive and almost exhaustive catalog is a testament to his love of the mic.


Dan Johns’ Hip Hop career started off modestly. Inspired by arguably the greatest emcee of all time, Rakim, Dan Johns put together a make-shift studio in his room to record demo tapes in his spare time. At the time, he was just making music purely for the love of the art form passing them off to friends so they could have something to bump in their cars. Eventually this method of circulation lead to his tape landing in the hands of a mutual friend who’d put his demo in the possession of William Washington, a budding label owner. Under William’s tutelage Dan Johns would become the flagship rapper for Peach Phuzz Records. There, he would transform from exclusively a freestyle-spitter to an artist well-versed in song formats and beat production.

At Morehouse College, Dan Johns ripped through countless spitters while hitting up every open mic he could to get his name buzzing. At the same time, he’d travel back and forth to South Carolina on the weekends to record. Dan Johns ran into a gift and a curse when his mentor, William Washington, would go on to pursue a production career putting an end to Peach Phuzz Records. This forced him to create his own imprint, Magnum Opus Records (aka Mag-O), another milestone in his career.

It’s this passion that he rocks on his sleeve that garnered respect from fans and peers alike. Dan Johns’ released The Book of Daniel, Yesterday’s Redemption, In the Face of Danger, Hype Machine and Tech Files (with Alone) to critical acclaim which lead to shows with the likes of Brand Nubian, KRS-1, Masta Ace, Little Brother, Joell Ortiz, Supastition, and many others. His work has been lauded on several Hip Hop sites and blogs including XXLMag.com, HipHopDX.com, RapReviews.com and more.

His most recent release, Alpha Writer was released on the same day as fellow Divine Suns ANON’s birthday of May 20th, 2014 . What makes this project more special is that all of its proceeds go to improving his father’s health; he is currently in need of a kidney.

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  2. Woo says:

    How’s it going, my name is Woo and I’ve been doing some research and I really enjoy your website. I was wondering if you could post this video up on your website, it’s one of my up-beat songs called “No L’s”. I would like it if you could upload my video and get me some views. We can build an relationship and I can get more people to come to your website, and I can keep submitting my music and videos to you. Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Im a 19 year old artist from Pittsburgh looking to get my music to a bigger crowd. Please don’t hesitate to reply and let me know how you feel about the song and creating a business relationship with one another. God Bless.

    -Title: “Woo – NO L’s” (Woo)
    Subject: The song is about not losing, becoming a winner it also has a twist because i talk about not smoking I just recently stopped smoking so I stopped taking L’s-(blunts). Like I said before I’m from Pittsburgh, I do all types of hip-hop music this is just one of my more up beat songs. I just like to rap about things that go on in my life. Im looking for some exposure.

    Twitter – @WooHOD x @WootheMC
    Facebook – Myron ‘Woo’ Taylor
    Youtube – youtube.com/hodtv412

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  4. Andy Lowe says:

    Hey guys!! Despite being a relatively young fellow, I’m just now getting into the whole world of “wrestling podcasts” (or podcasts in general).

    But hands-down, to me, you guys (Dan & Dustin) are the BEST by a country mile. You both have extensive knowledge of the subject, great humor when needed, and you play well off of each other.

    I’d love to make a podcast topic suggestion: the best of the Jim Herd era. Not kidding; I grew up first getting into watching wrestling during WCW in 1990-91, and despite Herd being an incompetent buffoon of the highest order, there were some absolutely stellar matches during his reign.

    You could review two from the excellent tag team scene:

    Steiner Brothers vs Nasty Boys, Halloween Havoc ’90

    The Enforcers vs Dustin Rhodes/Ricky Steamboat, Clash of the Champions 17 (right when Herd got the official boot)

    and a singles match:

    Lex Luger vs Ric Flair, WrestleWar ’90

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