Hip Hop is “Endangered”

Posted: March 31, 2016 by danjohns in Uncategorized

Today mendangered 5x5 inchesarks the release of my new album, “Endangered.” Initially, this project was to be my production album, featuring vocal contributions from my extended musical family and frequent collaborator, hard-working artists that I am proud to call my brethren (Mag-O’s Akshun, and fellow Divine Suns Plex Long, ANON The Griot, The HunchPunch Champ, Trice Be Phantom Magnetiq, Detroit’s own Finale, Black Box ENT’s FACE The Truth & SK The K.I.D.) lend their voic
es to the message of “Endangered.” And while I am the project’s primary producer, treats from Encore, jonyfraze, and MadSci help define the distinct sound of the album. (Special
s (with the occasional guest verse from yours truly). However, as things started to develop, “Endangered” became a hybrid of a Dan Johns production album, and a solo album. My brother Plex Long probably described it best, saying “this is your ‘Dynasty’ album.”

Several dopethanks to WLPWR of Supahotbeats and Chris Hanebutt) DJ Stylz and the aforementioned jonyfraze represent for the DJ’s, skillfully adding cuts to several tracks.

Visuals for the album’s lead single, “No Debatin That,” and a couple of other songs are in the works, and will be released very soon.

Your continued support is very much appreciated. Endangered is available on all major digital retailers now, including Bandcamp (where you can pay what you want), Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, and Google Play.


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