Watch “Divine Suns – “Scarlet Letter” (ft. Attallah ES Mariposa)” on YouTube

Posted: April 10, 2015 by danjohns in Uncategorized

Divine Suns – “Scarlet Letter” (ft. Attallah ES Mariposa):


Song Title: Scarlet Letter


Artist: Divine Suns ft. ANON The Griot, Dan Johns, Plex Long, The Hunch Punch Champ & Attallah ES Mariposa


Song Produced by: Dan Johns and Magnesium

Video Shot, Edited, & Directed by: Dan Johns

We’re Gifted yet Different


Video Description: There was once a time when Hip Hop was not widely popular. Since it was only available in limited markets and under crazy time slots; fans became musical survivalists equipped with backpacks and cassette tapes, hell-bent on capturing any stray musical morsel falling to the ground. At the crossroads of Franz Kafka and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Divine Suns document the evolution of the emcee and their unyielding commitment to the craft.

Directed by Dan Johns, Scarlet Letter is both ode and battle cry. Rather than moan over the current state of Hip Hop (which has become so popular lately), the Suns prefer to offer intimate insight into their respective histories and love with the culture. Borrowing from the classic novel of the same name, Director Dan Johns blends a dreary backdrop and washed-out frames to accentuate a pop of red, symbolically sewing a scarlet A onto the fabric of the video. Simply stated, be it popular or passé, these brothers bear the mark of the emcee with pride.

The airy background vocals of the track are perfectly matched by the angelic glow of Attallah ES Mariposa, both visually and vocally. Yet, it is the unified vibe of family that sets this video apart. Dan Johns seamlessly stacks a cookout with jutting shots and performance scenes to piece together a puzzle representative of the emcee. While the market floods with formula and format, the Suns happily stick to their own script. This isn’t about what’s wrong. This is about what is right and undeniable. “Since we will not conform, we wear the Scarlet Letter.”


 Scarlet Letter can be found on the collective’s Chaos Theory, available on iTunes, Google Play Store, and Spotify. Check out Divine Suns Music  on Facebook for the Hungry Arms, Black Magnum, Divine Suns, and Oxygen Mask videos, as well as constant updates on everything Divine.



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