Hump Day Thoughts as the weekend approaches

Posted: January 28, 2010 by danjohns in akshun, dan johns
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What’s good people? I hope that the week hasn’t been too hard on you thus far. This has been a productive, busy week so far this way. I’ve been re-organizing my workflow for music production, which has had me converting samples to different formats, and tweaking my MIDI setup, etc (studio rats know what i’m talking about).

Its also been a week where the importance of being there for your family has been highlighted. I don’t know about you, but as more years come and go, I have come to appreciate my family more. Sometimes, we so wrapped up in what we’re trying to do, that we end up losing focus of the things that really matter.

This weekend, we’re taking a business/pleasure trip to the Queen City. going to link with some good friends and hang out, then at some point i’ll be sitting in Jah Freedom’s lab, going through beats for “Alpha Writer.” Jah and I have a crazy chemistry when it comes to working together musically, not to mention he knows all of the best restaurants in the QC. 😉

Before I forget, Akshun took some promotional pics for “Sinner’s Therapy” over the previous weekend, and is waiting on the completion of his album art. once that’s done, we’ll be taking the next steps to releasing “Sinner’s Therapy.”


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