Cyclone Death Song, Beats, Ramblings & A Classic Video…

Posted: January 25, 2010 by danjohns in audio mixing, music video
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Today was a very productive day creatively. The homie Fat Rat Da Czar  (who recently put out a classic video is posted at the end of this blog) came through, along with Akshun, and put down their verses for “Cyclone Death Song.” Don’t be alarmed by the title, as it derived from an anime series that I was watching a few weeks back. As of today, the record will feature Fat, Ak, yours truly and the homie K-Hill. In my mind, I forsee leaking the record in the coming weeks, and maybe even doing something creative for a video.

Also, crafted out some things on the beat-side of the music making process. its been a work in progress, but my workflow is steadily improving as a producer. I would like to thank my friends CAP and Chris Hanebutt for helping me with tips/tutorials and just listening to my ramblings.

I broke down the concept of “Alpha Writer” for Fat Rat, Akshun and B Steelz of today. They get it, and I think that the world should as well. Until the next time, check this video out and be sure to leave some feedback.

Fat Rat Da Czar – Something Ain’t Right Extended Version

  1. Fat Rat Da Czar says:

    Get ready for what’s to come. SC to the world. Danger, Czar, Street Side and Mag-O…that is most definitely a lethal combo. Fat shouts to Akshun and K. Hill. CLICK CLACK…

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