Waiting on Ak to arrive….

Posted: January 10, 2010 by danjohns in Uncategorized

Fresh out of church at 12:15(ish), I’m now home in the lab, awaiting Akshun’s arrival. Today we put the stamp on “Sinner’s Therapy” by finalizing the mixdowns, song-order, and sending the master CD to the graphic designer. (Serious graphic designers like to hear the material to help give them an idea of the feel that the artwork should portray)

The New England vs Baltimore playoff game is still in the first quarter, and the Ravens are already up 14 – 0….my fantasy player Ray Rice has an 83 yard TD run already. wow, as i type this, Tom Brady just threw another interception. My other half is going to be LIVID if her adopted NFL team (New England) bows out of the playoffs early.

SO, in other news, I have been working on a treatment for what could arguably be the best music video of my career. The song will be the lead single off of “Alpha Writer,” and is entitled “Origins.” Stay tuned for more info on that, including some special cameos in the video 😉

To prepare for the video, I may actually shoot a test music video of another song from “Alpha Writer,” so keep your eyes open for that.

  1. If Capcom does merge with another company, it had better not be Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. (we dont want console exclusiveness going on)

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