Spring Cleaning (or rather decluttering)

Posted: April 19, 2009 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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So Ak should be arriving at the lab ‘shortly’ (he’s always at least 30mins-1hr late) to finalize the tracklisting for his album, which then means i’ll be mixing down the songs in the coming days/weeks.

I was just getting junk out of my studio, trying to make it more efficient (and easier to move around in) as with the upcoming releases, it will get a definite work out. Back on the boards as a producer, invigorated as an emcee, and focused as an executive, I find myself surrounded by inspiration, responsibility and creativity.

Even in my down time, i find myself in front of either the studio pc or my laptop, putting some files in order, or finding a distraction that still stimulates the mind. (graphic novels, chess, music for the mp3 player).

Well, Megan’s outside with groceries that need to be brought in, so enough randomness for now.


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