Up-To The Minute on Hype Machine

Posted: April 17, 2009 by danjohns in Uncategorized
photo by Tonique Reynolds

photo by Tonique Reynolds

The up-to-the-minute latest on the “Hype Machine” music release. What’s
good young world? Many of you have come through here as a result of the
dope article by Otis Taylor of The State,
(be a part of history and grab a copy, the online version has 2 song leaks) on my new project, “Hype Machine.”

The project iscomplete, and is ready to release to the world. This is a case of art immitating life (or rather life immitating art), as the ‘machine’ behind “Hype Machine” is in motion, and in order to ensure a proper presentation of the music, the links to the free download are not available at this time.

Thanks to the hard work of my management team (Same Plate Management), this project is being properly packaged with precise, calculated execution of the release of the singles, remixes, and the actual EP
itself. (I hesitate to call 11+ songs an EP, so you’ll hear me say
‘project’ often)

Another phase of this is me trying to finalize the plans for the video for the first single, “Meaning of Life,” which will hit the net very soon. Thanks for your patience regarding the project, and the process of getting it out there.
Special thanks to everyone involved with Hype Machine: Encornelious, Croup, Jahfree, The One, D.R. Supastition/Kam Moye, Finale, C.P., Akshun, Zillz, Jonathan Master, Tonique Reynolds, Ed Waysek, III, and all of my family, friends, and fans that support Dan Johns/Mag-O.

In the meanwhile, be sure and grab a copy of the free EP “Let’s Be Clear Vol.1” by Akshun and yours truly, our first complete project as a group. Speaking of which, while both of these releases are digital releases, we are pleased to let you know that hard copies of “Let’s Be Clear Vol.1” will be available next week, with hard copies of “Hype Machine” being available upon its release.
Also, if you’re not on twitter yet, then I don’t know why not. Get at me @danjohnny5, because truthfully its fun, and quite the resource (once you get familiar with Tweetdeck).


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