Akshun & Dan Johns: Let’s Be Clear Vol. 1

Posted: March 13, 2009 by danjohns in Uncategorized

In today’s musical climate, even the average listener changes playlists about as often as he/she changes clothes. On top of that, the majority of the music found on mp3 players was either ‘obtained’ for free, or given away online.

lbc-cover-proofWith that in mind, Akshun & Dan Johns of Mag-O got together one Saturday morning, and decided to put together a project to give away before the weekend was over. The result of that weekend is “Let’s Be Clear Vol. 1,” an 8-track EP that is just as much about the fun side of making music as it is about the growth of 2 artists.

Also serving as a warm up for more releases (Dan Johns’ “Hype Machine” drops in 3 weeks, with Akshun’s “Sinner’s Therapy” on deck for a spring release), this EP paints the picture of how life, family, music and trying to juggle all three has impacted Ak and Dan.

In appreciation for your past support of Mag-O, we’ve enclosed Links to “Let’s Be Clear Vol. 1.” Feel free to post/review this on your blogs, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook or however you see fit.

Mediafire Download Link
Zshare Download Link

1. Intro – Produced by Dan Johns
2. Let’s Be Clear – Produced by CAP
3. For the Win – Produced by Croup
4. Push My Pen – Produced by Jackdollars
5. Just A Man – Produced by Encornelius
6. Hold That – Produced by CAP
7. Jah Joint – Produced by Jah Free
8. Boys to Men – Produced by CAP

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