Dandom Thoughts: The Move, Yard Sale, Vinyl Records & Fish

Posted: January 26, 2009 by danjohns in Uncategorized

The move was pretty much a success (other than the tale of the flying mattress). Still trying to figure out a workable solution for placement of my microphone in the studio, but other than that, we are both very pleased.

The fact that I won’t spend unnecessary time trying to figure out a schedule for working in my studio at one location, and being with Megan at another location should result in a lot more creative time. She has a much better understanding of how much time I like to spend in the lab, and I think that actually being there with me to see what goes on has made a big difference.

We are in the process of planning a yard sale, where all kinds of goodies that I have no need (or space) for must go. I’ve been going through my vinyl collection, trying to snatch up the ‘must have’ records before I turn the wolves loose on the remains. (examples would be my Chinese import of the Bruce Lee movie “The Big Boss” soundtrack, the “Rocky” soundtrack, my Ray Charles records, and stuff like Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, LL, etc).

Of course, I also kept some of the records that I found some good samples on in the past, because I’m looking to do a lot more production in the coming months and years. While I find sampling mp3’s to be easier, there’s something about dropping the needle to a record, listening for samples, while you’re doing other stuff in the lab. I envision myself waking up early on a Saturday morning, logging onto FICS to play a few games of chess, with vinyl playing through the studio speakers. Add in some Cap’n Crunch (or some fried bologna) and you’re cooking with grease! (literally and figuratively)

I relaunched my fish acquarium after the move, and so far we only have 2 tiger barbs in the tank. They look identical, so we haven’t named them. The plan is to eventually end up with 10-12 fish in the tank, with 6-8 of them being tiger barbs. I think that I’m gonna go get 2 of the green barbs today. That way we could name each pair. This is my first time using my larger acquarium for semi-aggressive fish, as opposed to AGGRESSIVE ones, (RIP Cleo & Onyx). Its a lot easier to maintain a tank with peaceful fish, and when I had Cleo, she was the only thing that could inhabit the tank. She killed and/or ate anyone else.

Being back at work after over a week wasn’t as big of an adjustment as I expected. I feel amazingly refreshed, despite the fact that half of my coworkers only worked 2-3 days last week due to the ‘increment weather’ (people in SC don’t work when it snows or rains ice). Essentially, I picked the wrong week to take a vacation. Telling my coworkers the flying mattress story got some laughs. It wasn’t funny then, but in hindsight, it is pretty comical. (plus I learned a lesson that I’ll never forget)

So, tonight’s plans are to continue putting things in their proper place, as well as working on a PC for my mother. I may challenge Leon to a few games of Half Life 2, but that can happen on any day (thanks to Justin’s assistance with setting up a dedicated server).

On that note, I’m done with my Dandom Thoughts. Peace.

  1. sorry to hear ur records were on their way out. thats a tough one buddy.

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