Flying Mattress? Seriously?!?

Posted: January 23, 2009 by danjohns in Uncategorized

I’ve been moving all week, which is ironic because Megan and I took the week off for vacation, prior to the events that pushed up my move.

At first, the biggest issues were figuring out how to downsize my studio, and how 2 people with more clothes than the law should allow were going to co-exist with 2 closets.

That was until I borrowed my friend Delano’s truck, to move the last piece of large furniture, my king sized mattress. The box springs, and just about everything else, fit fine into my Explorer’s hatch, but obviously the mattress wouldn’t fit.

My cousin promised to help me move it with his truck, but he no-showed. So, not even 30 minutes after i pick up Delano’s truck, i’m driving towards the apartment with the mattress on the back, when a gust of wind snatches the mattress off the back of the truck.

On the way to hitting the street, the mattress yanked the side mirror off of an older lady’s Grand Am, then dented the front for good measure.

To make matters worse, the lady was on the last leg of an all-day adventure in Flo-City with her friend. The last stop was to put flowers on her father’s grave. Seriously! I can’t make this kind of stuff up.

So, as i sit in my recently relocated studio, I can’t fully appreciate the bright future that Megan and I have at the moment. I can’t wrap myself in the pleasant thoughts of progress, eventually leading down the aisle, because I’m in a state of disbelief.

So, if you’re a religious person, send a prayer up for me right now.

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