“Good things must come to an end”

Posted: December 7, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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Live blogging from the De la Hoya vs Pacquiao fight…well, not FROM the fight, but we’re watching it live and direct at Delano’s crib. His wife hooked up the banging chicken wings, and we have the chips going on.

The fight’s about to start, but before it does, lets be clear; Keisha Cole looked (and sounded) a hot mess doing the national anthem. We’re all picking Pacquiao to win.

Oscar looks huge compared to Pacquiao. Delano just switched to Oscar. Round 1 was pretty contested; I think Manny won round 1.

Pacquiao is rocking Oscar in round 2. He pretty much outclassed Oscar by being faster, hitting and moving. De La Hoya has to use his power to his advantage.This is a pretty good fight not withstanding. It almost seems like he’s more tired than De La Hoya.

Okay he’s carving Oscar up in round 4, on the real! Okay, Oscar is showing some life, so this may not be over. Millie De La Hoya looked a bit concerned just now. (but i’m sure she’s fine with counting this money).

Uh Oh, it looks like this fight may about to be over. He can’t do anything. They may throw in the towel. This is looking like a video game right about now. Ah man, the announcers are saying stuff like “all good things come to an end.”

Oscar De La Hoya’s corner just threw in the towel. He couldn’t defend himself against the speed, and skill. I give him props for fighting the best fighters in the business, but he can’t compete.

  1. hoss says:

    that was a rough 1 for De la Joya.. he used to be a great fighter but he is over the hill now. he still my favorite fighter but he needs to know when to say its over. like he said his heart still wants to fight but his body just cant

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