Back on my Blog Ish..

Posted: November 29, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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I know what some of you are thinking: Dan Johns turned 30, then he fell off….

…no. I’m still feeling good, hitting hard, staying sharp. Musically, I needed to give yall a chance to miss me. Blogically (lol made that ish up), I needed something to talk about before I posted, and real life has been a lot more fun than sitting in front of a PC lately (unless building an arcade machine counts).

But yeah, that’s been my latest project, trying to take some leftover PC parts and putting together a machine to play old arcade games on. (Super Nintendo, NES, Genesis, and arcade games). I have a stash of well over 9000+ games, and an adapter to connect my PC to any TV. The project is going well. I’ll probably take some footage of it when Akshun comes to record Sunday.

I took a break from everything music related for a little while so I can come back to the speakers with fresh ears to mix “Hype Machine,” and so that my pen will be rejuvenated to start writing the new material (doing a mixtape with Ak, and starting on “End Game”)

On a more personal note, I have experienced several high’s and low’s in regards to friends and family lately. Family members have passed away, and friends that I haven’t seen in a while have crossed my path again. Both scenarios have left me with a new found appreciation for spending time with loved ones, and nurturing those relationships.

Everything seems more rewarding when you can share it with friends and family. I think about that more and more these days, and I value the support and opinions of those closest to me. With that being said, I’m going to have an invitation-only listening party before I hand “Hype Machine” over to J. Master. I’m looking to invite those whose opinions I trust for a night of food, fun, and hip hop. We’re going to sit around, eating snacks, listening to my tracks, with discussions and suggestions to follow. I think that’s a dope idea. Not that I created it or anything, but I can’t say that I’ve ever taken this approach.

I’m sitting here letting my Thanksgiving dinner digest (to make room for cake), watching the Cowboys game. My fantasy football team can still make the playoffs with a win (and a loss by the “Fabulous Freezeburners”), and my real life football team (The Oakland Raiders) at least manned up and beat arch rival Denver last week. I’m a Raiders fan until the day that I die, but today I’m rooting for Romo to throw a TD pass to Patrick Crayton. (I traded for Crayton, then the next day they traded for wideout Roy Williams).

Tonight, I plan to watch the new Katt Williams stand-up “Its Pimping Pimping” with my girl, and I’ll probably still be laughing this time tomorrow. I’m wrapping this up to watch the game, and break my own Tetris record.


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