Live Blog: Roy Jones got rocked

Posted: November 9, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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Okay yall, its fight night and I’m at the homie Gerald aka Info’s crib with the boys to check it out. This is a blog that I’m doing as a way to keep them from laughing at me for falling asleep during the main event. Joey has made the joke that there are 2 main events tonight: Roy Jones vs. Joe Calzaghe and Dan Johns vs. Sleep. Lol. Before we get into the blog, I”m going to get some official predictions from the boys:

Gerald aka Info:

Roy by TKO in the 11th.


Roy by KO/TKO in the 8th

Joey aka Nails:

Roy Jones by decision

Derrick aka Tumbleweed:

Calzaghe by decision

Dan Johns:

Roy by decision even though he’s got the ugly sideburns.

Now let me handle a couple of these wings, and I’ll get right back on my blog game.

So far, the undercard has been garbage, but Zab Judah is about to fight, so its all good.

(while waiting, we started debating about the Couture vs Lesnar UFC fight next week, and I’m predicting a Lesnar upset victory)

After round 1, Judah is looking pretty sharp. Throwing crisp jabs. Judah caught a vicious headbutt in round 3, to lead to a nasty gash over his right eye. He got pretty mad, and has been punishing dude ever since. Judah won by unanimous decision.

Okay so its time for the main event, and everyone has gotten their minds right, and ready to see if Roy can return to his form from years prior.

Yo, on the real, whoever that was that sang the Wales National Anthem needs to be banned from EVER singing in public again. The lady that sung our anthem wasn’t much better, but she got it done. Now Michael Buffer is about to set it off…..LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLEE

Gerald is in fight mode now, since he realized that Roy is the underdog. The volume on the TV is a hot topic for the night. The volume has gone up 2 times in round 1. Now Delano is saying that Jones will take dude out by the 6th. Jones already knocked dude down! Yo, Jones just gave him the “you know you done F’ed up look” at the end of the round. And this is the dude that beat Bernard Hopkins? Please.

Calzaghe is scared; volume on the TV is at 86 now. Roy is teeing off on this dude. This nigga just stuck his tongue out laughing. Max Kellerman is the greatest announcer in boxing history. Gerald is already wilding. Roy is weakening this cat. These sideburns are still killing me though. Calzaghe’s girlfriend was just shown on the screen, and I would have to pass. Lol

Dude is showboating on Roy now though, so this could be a better fight than expected. Just seems like Roy is toying with dude. Okay, now dude was really playing Roy in Round 3 with the showboating. Roy is starting to look a mess now. Uh oh. Joe has turned on Roy now, yelling out “Roy you looking wack now!”

Round 5 was a banger. I don’t know who won that round, but Roy’s not looking too good right now. He’s not even throwing punches unless he’s countering. Joe just said he’s an “old Roy” now and not “the old Roy” anymore. He’s busted open, bleeding, and about to go out in a bad way. I don’t think that Roy can even see out of his left eye, and Calzaghe is styling on him.

Tumbleweed is over here cracking up as he predicted the upset, and it seems to be coming true, punch by punch. The volume is no longer an issue as the room seems filled with disbelief on how bad Roy Jones Jr. is looking right now.

Gerald just said “Calzaghe is wack, but Roy is wacker.” He really needs to holla at Zab Judah’s cutman, b/c the bleeding hasn’t stopped yet. Oh well, its round 11. Delano thinks that what Calzaghe is doing is the equivalent of taking the queen off of the board in chess, and beating him anyway.

Roy knows he has to knock this dude out, yet he isn’t even throwing punches. He lost this fight, I don’t even have to wait for the scorecards to be tallied. Damn Roy.

Tumbleweed was right, and everyone else was wrong! Damn Roy, I repeat.

Well, at least I won my fight with sleep.

Quote of the night, after the fight: Gerald says “we’re not prejudice anymore, we’ve got a black President now”

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