Missing Kick, Snare, Headphones & More…

Posted: November 2, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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Today was a very uneventful studio day, but I did get the chance to clean up some. Let’s see…

  1. I went to load up the beat for this intro that I agreed to do for a friend’s TV show, and the drum track was MISSING. The problem was that I deleted the plugin that I used to record the drums. So after recreating the pattern, the beat mysteriously freezes up. (safe to say that i’ll be clipping that drum plugin from being used as well)

  2. I realized that I left the recording booth headphones locked up in my desk drawer at work. The only reason that the headphones ended up at work in the first place is because I don’t like it when I can hear the music that my coworkers are listening to word for word, and I couldn’t find my earbuds. Once I found my earbuds, I locked the headphones up and it slipped my mind to bring them home. (my other headphones that I use for listening/mixing bleed very bad when close to my microphone and cause a nasty feedback)

So, that killed my creative juices for the day. But on the flip side of the coin:

  1. I have been doing laundry today, and I can actually see my glass coffee table again. I always let too much stuff pile up on the table.

  2. I’m missing my girlfriend while she’s away at her PT job. Sometimes you have to be apart to really appreciate what you have. Our relationship flourishes because we challenge each other, and do not lose our individuality when we come together as a couple. We also encourage each other, and work towards our goals as a unit.

  3. My fantasy football team is competitive this week even with Drew Brees on a bye week. Joe Flacco is having a good outing vs the Cleveland Browns, and I may be able to gain ground on the team ahead of me in the playoff hunt.

  4. Grandma cooked lamb chops and those joints were LIKE THAT. Nothing can substitute for a home-cooked meal.

Don’t forget to VOTE TUESDAY NO MATTER HOW LONG THE LINES ARE!!!! I’ll go to work late before I pass up on voting.

  1. zillz says:

    * waves fist at the gods *

    Where’s my album?!?!?!

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