Not-so-typical music, the election, chessboxing

Posted: October 29, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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Its been a while since I’ve REALLY blogged, and people have been calling me out on it, so I’m going to try and put a few of my thoughts down, in between working at the dayjob, listening to music (The new Joe Budden “Halfway House” mixtape and “A Rosenberg Oddisee”), and just living.

Typical Music Update:

The mixing process has been off-and-on for “Hype Machine” as I’ve been tightening up my knowledge base. I’ve been studying more music theory, as it relates to composition of music, and studying more about frequencies and mastering. I tend to be a information fiend, and sometimes it delays my projects. In this case, I think that the fiending will not only help the project, but it will keep me inspired as I move forward as an artist. Truthfully, I’m trying to get my “Renaissance Man” on these days. (I think that I will make that my next blog)

Election Day Countdown:

My birthday is November 16th, and its a crucial turning point in my life, but to be honest, I can’t even think about it until AFTER November 4th.
A part of me is paronoid to the point of feeling like a conspiracy theorist. The reports about Obama being so far ahead, in my humble opinion, are a mixed bag. On one hand, it could be viewed as an indication that people want a different approach to running the nation.
But on the other hand, what if McCain supporters see the reports, and use the fact that they are ‘trailing’ as a rallying cry to drum up more support?
Either way, every U.S. citizen should be invested into this election. Personally, I’ve taken November 5th off, to either celebrate a new direction, or comtemplating what McCain getting elected will mean for our way of life. Whoever you are supporting, GET OUT AND VOTE.

Not-So-Typical Chess Update:

Yesterday was a good day for my growth as a chess player. I was down 3 games to none against Cato (who is arguably either the 2nd best or best player who plays at the barber shop). Shop rules are that we play a series until one person wins 5 games. Being down 3 games to anyone is very hard to come back from, but until yesterday, I don’t think that I’ve seen anyone come back once cato had a 3 game lead.
When he was up 2-0, he mouthed off after I made a comment that it was closer than it looked. He said “who was 2, and who has 0?” My response was that “2 is good, but let me see you get 5.” He won the next game, and many thought that the “fire in me had been killed.” Well, i proceeded to win the next 4 games, then he won a game to tie it up at 4-4. I won the last game in impressive fashion, and all he could do was shake my hand (and respect my gangsta).

  1. ME! says:

    speaking of election day countdown, you should go to and check out Diddy Blog #31–Ain’t No Line Too Long!! He’s too right!! Don’t get comfortable and rely on everyone else to hit the polls! Barack Obama needs your vote on November 4th! Get out and Vote November 4th!

  2. zillz says:

    can’t wait to hear Hype Machine. November 5th will definitely prove to be a new era.

    less than a week…a new future…for whoever gets the mantle the scope of america will change.

    i should just enter and smash all those chess games. DESTRUCTION.

  3. Marcum says:

    Man….am I the only one who loves checkers…..I’m gonna start a club

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