Run Down of the VP Throw-Down!

Posted: October 3, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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My thoughts of the Vice Presidential Throwdown

Okay, so I just finished watching the Palin vs. Biden debate, and here are some thoughts that hit me as I watched the debate in its entirety. I tried to watch the debate with an open mind, and to not let my personal bias affect my note taking. (not too sure how well that worked). Here you go, and tell me what you think.

Governor Palin:

The first analogy she makes is about going to a kid’s soccer game. She’s clearly going to focus on speaking to women, but she needs more substance. I’m noticing a lot of slang words to seem ‘down to earth’ or like the next door neighbor. She’s been coached well. I’ve heard ‘darn right’ and ‘heck of a lot’ and its only 11 minutes in. She just said “darn right” again. She did smoothly redirect an attack by Biden to use it to talk about herself. She is getting her feet underneath her now…speaking to the loyal Republicans. She has admitted to agreeing with some questionable voting decisions made by McCain, then quickly switched the subject. She just said “say it aint so” and “doggoneit” in a rebuttal.

Woah, she just froze up, and had to read her response off of paper! Wow.

She’s even starting to repeat herself. How many times can she call herself or McCain ‘mavericks?’ Its almost like she’s going after the TV Land/Gunsmoke watching older people that want to be Matt Dillon.

Senator Biden:

Came out taking shots at the Bush administration and their financial policies. He just sounds more polished. He came back prepared when Palin mentioned 94 times that Obama voted in regards to tax increases. He just tore apart the McCain healthcare plan. He admitted to disagreeing with Obama about the bankruptcy bill that they voted differently on, which could have been used against him. Explained why he voted to give Bush the power to go into Iraq before Palin could call him on it, savvy. He’s really been tearing Cheney out of the frame. Just called him the most dangerous Vice President ever. Lol

Biden just unloaded a clip on the whole “maverick” portrayal of McCain.

Overall, this debate was about as one-sided as you will ever see, especially on the Presidential level. He came off a lot more polished, with more information to support his thoughts, and refuted many of Palin’s attacking points. I didn’t see anything from Palin that makes her seem more like a good choice to be one mishap away from the Presidency.

  1. rjjrdq says:

    There is a nasty video floating around the net of a hearing a few years ago, and Democrats berating some Republicans that wanted more oversight over Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Even as those institutions were imploding. Has to be seen to be believed. That reason alone is enough. I don’t like McCain either, but the culpability of the Dems in the current financial disaster is stomach turning…

  2. UK says:

    Very well put!!! It’s nice to see your take on things!

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