football is back in a major way!

Posted: September 8, 2008 by danjohns in balance of power, Carolina panthers, football, NFL week 1, tom brady

The first Sunday of NFL 2008 was pretty entertaining. The poster child of the NFL, Tom Brady, is out for the season, and the league is wide open now. Bret Favre has a chance to win the division now, and the other AFC teams can leap ahead of new England.

The NFC teams looked stronger yesterday than they have in a while, especially the Carolina panthers, even without Steve smith.

I’m hyped for football tonight.

  1. ME!! says:

    Don’t be so quick to count out the patriots sweetie!! We’ll be okay, and we STILL end up with a better record than the (not so) MIGHTY RAIDERS!!

  2. zillz says:

    Favre! IM A FAN.

    still wish he sat it out.

    Peterson ran all over us tho.

  3. Mallz says:

    If we can stay healthy (Alex Smith’s shoulder injury doesnt count) I don’t see why the 9ers can’t compete for the NFC West. After all these years I STILL refuse to believe Seattle is that good.

    Patrick Willis. Patrick Willis. Patrick Willis. Patrick Willis. Patrick Willis.

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