Dan Johns the producer

Posted: September 3, 2008 by danjohns in beats, dan johns, hiatus, hip hop, production, rap

So today marks my return to the realm of production. On the last few projects, I have picked out samples, and forwarded them to producers to make the beats, mainly due to my trust that they will make it fly. (shouts out to cats like croup, Jah free, Midi Marc and encorneluis for tolerating me and how picky I am about beats )
I’ve been making beats since like 98, and I’m serviceable as a producer. I love waking up early, digging through records, trying to find that next gem. Time led to my hiatus from the craft, as my focus was needed in the realm of songwriting and running my company.
Now that there are good people around me, I feel like I have more time to invest into beats. Not to mention that the business of music has been wearing on me, and I need something to renew my passion.

So, stay tuned for updates, and even the occasional leaked beat.


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