Diddy Blog #16 – “John McCain Is Buggin The F%^k Out'”!

Posted: August 31, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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this is hilarious to me, but Diddy raises some interesting points.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. ME!! says:

    Barack Obama stands for CHANGE. Change for this entire country, not just blacks. Within the past eight years, the economy along with the general state of our country has declined considerably. If there has ever been a need for change, that time has come. While Diddy’s ranting and raving may have ridiculed alot of us, there were valid issues addressed. Seriously, the logic behind McCain choosing a FEMALE running mate couldn’t be any clearer. While some folks believe that Hillary Clinton gave Obama a real run for his money, we must realize that Palin is not and will never be Hillary. No one knew anything about Palin until the very moment that the news broke that she was a part of the Republican ticket. Within the past 72 hours, we’ve learned that Palin is under investigation for abusing her power as Governor. It’s also alleged that she’s raising her daughter’s child as her own. (which some people consider honorable) But most importantly, she’s admitted that she doesn’t know much about what’s going on with the war in Iraq. Seriously, does that make any sense?? We’ve been at war with Iraq for years, and she doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on?? How can she help bring the troops home if she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on over there? The Republican party has all of NINE weeks to school her on what’s going on. Yet still, we as American’s are supposed to put our trust in her to be next in line to run our country. Truthfully, it’s time for a change. Not because Obama is black. Not because Diddy or any other celebrity says so. It’s not about being black or white. It’s about knowing and doing what’s best for us as a nation. If you don’t see anything wrong with the economy, or having our troops fighting for some unknown reason in Iraq, then vote for McCain/Palin. But if you want to see our nation move forward, then vote for Obama/Biden.

  2. danjohns says:

    very well said. I have nothing to add except, “I’m Dan Johns, and I approve this message”

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