Dandom 8-20-08: New Laptop, Scheduling, EP Update, & more.

Posted: August 21, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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What’s good world? Not sure what direction this blog is going to head in, but I do know that it is time to post a more in depth blog. Where do I begin?

Dan’s Got A Laptop (Again)

For starters, I have a new (to me) laptop. I recently got a Dell Latitude 810, with 2gb RAM, a 2.1 ghz processor, 80gb hd, and a 128mb ATI x600 video card. (sorry for the nerdspeak, but it gets me amped up just talking about it) I have already installed Ubuntu 8.04 with all of my necessary applications, firefox plugins, and a few of my guilty pleasure (ie PokerTH and countless chess apps). I was hurting without a laptop because it seems that I find myself actually IN my studio less and less. Then when I am normally in there, chances are that I’m recording or mixing down tracks, which makes blogging take a backseat. But I don’t really have to tell yall the benefits of a laptop vs. a desktop.

I’m about to work out a schedule to balance out my time. I have always underestimated the importance of writing out a schedule, and have tried to juggle all of my tasks ‘on the fly.’ Well, as more responsibilities fall into my lap, it has become apparent that ‘on the fly’ isn’t going to cut it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stick to a schedule once you put one in place?

Music Update:

I ran into a small case of writer’s block trying to finish the last solo song for “Hype Machine” (don’t forget to snatch up the new wallpaper). The first verse is done, but because of the concept of the song, I’m taking my time with it, so that the verses can follow a similar theme/pattern. Concept songs are usually the most rewarding ones to write, but I still prefer just going for broke over a beat. Jonathan is waiting on me to hand over the final, mixed version of the album so he can finalize negotiations with the different distributors. Which means, as soon as I complete this last song, I’ll automatically begin working on the the mixing and mastering of the record.

Once the manufacturing of “Hype Machine” is complete, we expect that I’ll be doing a lot more shows, and hopefully coming to a stage near you. Email me or my management for inquiries about bringing Dan Johns to your city!

Akshun & I have decided that we’re going to start work on some group material, more than likely for a mixtape or podcast series, as soon as we’ve both wrapped the recording for our solo projects. Ak has at least 40 songs done, so I suspect that he’ll have 2 solo projects coming out really soon (just as soon as a certain blogger-slash-emcee finishes the hook on this one Encornelius produced jawn).

I really want to shoot another video soon, and I know that we’ll be doing a video for the first single from “Hype Machine,” but I also would like to shoot 1-2 more videos for material off of “Rebirth of a Dying Breed.” My question to you is how late is too late to shoot a video from a project? Zillz and Ak seem to think that it is never too late in this day and age, and I tend to agree with them. If I did another video off of the mixtape, which song would you suggest? Hit me.

Destruction on the Chessboard

The Florence Chess Club’s first tournament to decide the club championship starts next week. Being one of the 2 tournament directors, I had to the other director, Drew, in a best 2-out-3 match to see which of us would be in the tournament, and which would be arbiter of the event. Drew beat me in the first game handily, but I won the next 2 in a row to earn the right to play. (Actually I won 3 in a row, but the 4th game for just for fun) The chess club is ill because it is where 2 worlds and styles of chess collide. The guys that play everyday at the barbershop collide with the guys that meet at fazoli’s to play. It is always entertaining to see the match-up’s, and to hear the commentary. (nothing is funnier than when Sick-Wit-It starts winning, and he starts to call you random names. He told James the other day that his game was “an ice cream sandwich”)

What I’m listening To…

A handful of quality records have been released (or will be released by the time that you read this). Right now, I am proud to say that 2 records from West coast artists are in the rotation. Game’s new album “L.A.X.” and Ice Cube’s “Raw Footage” bang heavy, and I also have been bumping Nas’ “Untitled” and Elzhi’s “The Preface.” Elzhi makes me want to write more and more joints!

We won’t even talk about the arguments that i’ve been having with Zillz about Game being the only real hip hop artist to come out on the mainstream level since 2004. I’m gonna have to bring the homie over to the dark side…

I’m out for now…gotta spend QT with my lady. stay up, and stay positive.

  1. zillz says:

    i’m soooo the wrong dude to talk about making schedules because mine are always so jacked up. But this is how i work it out…

    I write a list of 4 to 5 tasks i have to get done in a specified time… like 8 hours.

    then I break it up depending on the tasks. I give myself 5 minutes less than it would actually take to complete the task.

    so if i know something would take an hour…i’d schedule 50 – 55 min to do the task because I KNOW that I’m going to get distracted.

    also, every 45 min you should get up and take a short break.

    And before I can move to the next thing, I have to complete the previous task. Otherwise you have to sacrifice your break time to catch up. Use a break as a reward for a completed task.

  2. akshun says:

    man..i probably got more than 40 songs. LOL. most of them aint’ gonna be released, but we gotta do a video blog about my projects. whenever i come back to the flo city

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