Going green and re-upping at the same time

Posted: August 14, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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Whattup yall? I’ve been quiet this week mainly due to not having a laptop, and putting in work. Shouts out to Akshun, Lou Hall, and CAP for a good studio session Sunday.

Well here’s a quick update: I’m writing the last 2 songs for “Hype Machine” right now. The homies K-Hill and CP are featuring on one of the songs, and the other joint is produced by D.R. (his work can be heard on Supastition’s last couple of efforts) also, the homie Zillz recently finished the artwork for the cover. Jeah!

In the midst of a recession, finances are tight all around the board, so any equipment replacements right now are ill. Admittedly, my last laptop was cheap as all hell. It was 4 something brand new, and wasn’t really up to my desirable standards. In a way, it was good that it fried.

I just ordered a refurbished laptop from dell. The laptops on dfsdirectsales.com are off-lease machines and considerably cheaper than new machines. What I spent for a powerful refurbished workstation would only get me an entry level brand new laptop. Plus recycling is important anyway. So I am going green whenever I can. Jeah!

Expect more posts next week. Peace.


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