“and it ain’t trickin if you got it”-a lame (by Akshun)

Posted: August 6, 2008 by scakshun in Uncategorized
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Big ups to randy exclusive for bringin this up.

Men everywhere!! If you have not been informed, tricking is not cool. I don’t care what rapper says it’s cool, it’s not. Real men don’t trick. Real men have charm and don’t get played for money by chicks who obviously are just using you for your finances. If you’re cool with that, fine. You can be a bitch all  your life for all I care because you will have to sit around and realize that without the money, you would be jacking your dick off to roxy renolyds at night rather than blowing grands at the strip club.

I mean, as men we are suppose to have some kind of self esteem and confidence. As a former panty chaser, I can say I NEVER paid for ass. Damn near any girl I’ve smashed has never went out with me other than the girls I’ve dated and they had to work towards me doing much for them other than the emotional and physical needs. I mean, it’s 2008. Women can work now and be anything they want. So why do they need to be pampered. Especially if they can get it themselves.

So men, quit tricking. All that shit does it bring more children out of wedlock and money you could have invested but is not laundered through the court system for child support. Got those chicks thinking they gonna be housewives and panty droppers? Man you got to be kiddin me. And don’t think women will stay faithful because you take care of them.  Trust I know plenty women who cheat and got men who LACE them with the finer shit. You just security, not love.  Word to Shaq’s wife

2 fingers

  1. R.E. says:

    Yep, everyone should know, it’s still tricking even if you got it.

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