…and best friends become strangers-NAS (by Akshun)

Posted: August 6, 2008 by scakshun in Uncategorized
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What up fam I just have some thoughts to share I know plenty of people my age have went through. There is a time in life where the people you came up with think on a different wavelength.  There comes a time where one guy just seems to not get that we are grown black men with alot of shit on our shoulders.  Some stay stuck in 10 years ago when we were young having fun doing stupid shit. Never really grasping on to the obstacle we call responsibility. They are still in need of help: needing rides, borrowing money, wanting to hang out when you have kids to raise and jobs to tend to, clubbing when you got a wifey at home, and wanting to get toasted and blazed on a daily basis. Still stalking chicks on myspace and hangin out at the mall on Saturday nights. Always talking about when things gonna get right, but they been trying to get right for 5 years now with not one step of progress.

You can only help people to an extent. You can only hold their hand for so long to the point they become a burden. When your lady can hold their own and your homie can’t. When all your other friends realized before you that this dude is headed no where. It’s nothing wrong not realizing he’s a loser from the jump, because more than likely that person has been leeching off everyone else and just reacted towards you at that time as a real friend. Funny how things turn when they have no where else to run to. They always have bad opinions, don’t respect your goals and aspirations, trying to find ways to live off you.  Pop up around your crib all times of day when you trying to rest wantin to chill and kick it. Wantin to watch rap city and drink your kool aid. He want YOU to take him lookin for a job. Then fuck up gettin the job cuz he has a record or got high before he had the interview.

See, I’ve pretty much came to a point in my life where i cannot have people around me that will bring me down. I’ve finally righted alot of errors I’ve made for myself in the past and that’s mostly due to hard work and just plain doin the right thing. Not much partying, drinking, chasing women, and putting off important shit like paying my bills and taking care of my children. Once I realized that doing the right thing was so easy, I started to wonder why my friends could not do the same thing. Sad thing is, niggas is stuck in they 2nd childhood. I listen to music from ’96, these niggas actin they still in ’96. Hangin out with dudes that ain’t old enough to buy cigars and THEY look at you like an old hag. That’s not cool man…that’s lame.

So it’s time to say goodbye. It’s time to be a grown man (which being your are over the age of 25 should be something that you are already doing) be on your own. It’s not that me or anybody else are too good, it’s just you’re not trying good enough to be on the level you should be on. So go out on your own. Do something for yourself. Do something without someone else hooking you up and not taking credit for what you should be doing as a man already. It ain’t about having love for your peoples, it’s about your peoples learning to respect and love themselves…

2 cents for today

  1. i enjoyed reading those two cents…that was a really good article…
    thanks for sharing

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