Going to see Nas tonight!!!! (Akshun)

Posted: July 31, 2008 by scakshun in Music, rap music, Uncategorized
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This is a night that i thought would never happen. Nas in concert w/ Talib and Jay Electronica. In Charolotte. If you don’t know, IMO, Nas is the best rapper of my generation. He’s inspired alot of my music and i pretty much grew up w/ him as far as the music goes. I’m pretty excited about seeing him in concert. Hell I’M PRETTY GEEKED ABOUT IT. Feels the same as when i saw Ghostface in concert, but just a little bigger since Nas is probably the biggest hip hop artist I have seen in the past ten years (I did see L-boogie and outkast in 1998). But Im out for now since I’m in a rush. I will give a more detailed rundown when i get back. PEEEEEEEEACE

  1. danjohns says:

    i didnt post this until late, but tell me, how was the show?

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