Dandom 7-29-08: i should have called in

Posted: July 29, 2008 by danjohns in Uncategorized
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I’m here at work, remembering at 6:05 am this morning, when I thought hard about calling in today. I didn’t get to sleep until almost 2am, and my job isn’t one that’s best performed on 4 hours of sleep. Anyway, I decided to tough it out at work, and I’m regretting every minute.

The plan for after work is to rest (eventually) after I play a game or 2 of chess and work on these designs. Speaking of designs, I’m about tired of my vectors being denied by spreadshirt. Does anyone know of a company that does short run printing of the same quality as spreadshirt?

So, a quick tease for the EP: Finale and Supastition are both featured on my new joint “extra effort” and the song came out dope! I’ve known finale since college (Morehouse) and this is only the second song that we’ve done together. And of course, most of you know me and supa’s track record…we make memorable music. Zillz should have the cover done shortly, then we’ll start plastering it everywhere.

In the meanwhile, make sure you already have “in the face of danger” on your ipods, as I feel that record is timeless. Look it up on itunes, or hiphopsite.com

I’ll ramble more later but I’m starving, and I need to heat up this food.

Oh yeah, who watched raw last night? Adamle? Seriously?

  1. Temple says:

    Spreadshirt requirements for vector approval can be tricky, however, once you get your first ones approved and understand the process, then it will become easier. For the requirements, all elements of the design must be 0.06 inches or greater, while negative space should be 0.04 inches or greater. If either of these requirements are not meet, then you would be rejected for size, which is the most common reason. A tip is to create a circle or square at the above size and measure the small elements of the design. If anything is smaller than the circle, then you would need to make it larger for approval.

    If you are having problems getting your vectors approved, then you can always write to our Design Team for specifics. Send an email with your design attached to designs at Spreadshirt.com. In the email, advise of your issue, then the Design Team can check out the design and let you know what is causing the rejection and help you get the vectors approved!

  2. MoMo says:

    I’m feeling that same way today…I should have called in…. I am not so sure I understand how you felt you shouldn’t have come to work because you were so tired, yet when you got off you still planned on playing chess and design shirts. LOL. Oh and sorry I always turn when Raw is coming on…but before I do I always think of you.
    I just had to prove to you that I am reading this…. 😛

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