Why???? (by Akshun)

Posted: July 23, 2008 by scakshun in Uncategorized
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My random thoughts for the day. Word to JadaKiss.

Why do I think people are still gonna defend Rick Ross when we know now that he BLATANLY lied about his drug lord kingpin status???

Why are people hating on Nas album and still talking about illmatic like they own the album?

Why is South Carolina not put  on yet?

Why do idiots sign contracts without reading them, but get mad when they have to follow what they signed??

Why is Esther Baxter the finest woman on the planet????

Why do I stay watching these fake VH1 shows????

When is MOP coming out with another album???

Why are you idiots liking this Maino song??

Doesn’t Maino know to be hated on you have to be deserving of jealousy first??

Why every damn time I wanna wash my car it rains??

Why is Hell Date the best show BET ever had??

Why the hell does BET show the wackest black movies ever made?

Why do people go in the express lane and ALWAYS have more stuff than they are suppose to have?

Why everytime I’m rushing to work and need to go to the gas station, there’s some drunk ol lady tryin to buy lottery tickets?

Why haven’t you got that Killer Mike album?

Why are SC DJ’s so damn wack (except for Block Bangaz of course.) and can’t move a party for shit?

Why was this chick bumpin “Slave and The Master” from Nas album today? I thought chicks had horrible taste in music?(that was a bright spot of the day)

Why is soundcircuit.com the best hip hop forum  on the web?

Why do these other websites have people complaining about hip hop wishing it was 94, but they were not allowed to listen to rap back then?

Why is Lacy Duvalle doing porn?(look her up)

Why are niggas close to 30 still actin like they still in high school? Still talking about shit that happen 10 year ago?

Why do people put chicks they have never met in their life on the front of their myspace page?

Why are niggas still puttin up jail pictures like that’ s a dope place to visit?

Why does my son think i should get a toy cuz he cleaned his room?

Why don’t kids realize they have CHORES????

Why didn’t I go see that Batman Movie this weekend?

Why don’t people play luke in the club anymore???

Why don’t you have any Magnum Opus music in your deck (which means i need to upload my mixtape again)?

Why don’t I write a real blog??(i will tomorrow)

Two fingers pointed up

  1. zillz says:

    i can identify with a lot of that…but yo…esther baxter’s bath water is probably made of gold and coated in diamonds.

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