My Take On The Obama Controversy (Akshun)

Posted: July 16, 2008 by scakshun in News & Politics
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Before I go to work this morning, I wanted to give my take on this situation of the New Yorker’s Cover with Barack and Michelle dressed as white America’s second biggest fear (yes people, a man in power is the biggest fear). It’s pretty much made headlines and is the biggest talk on the news now so everyone has pretty much gave their opinion on it. Since Dan didn’t expound on the issue (there is really no needs because the cover pretty much speaks for itself) I decided to give my opinion on why I think the cover is a very bad move.

In a historical context, black men in power has been a big issue. A big fear in America and the media has always tried to turn the person into the antichrist or a communist or something of that nature. From Malcolm X to Martin Luther King to even smaller figures such as Marcus Garvey, Fred Hampton, and Huey Newton, their images and messages have been miscontrued by the American media outlets turned into war mongers or someone working for a different cause than they appear. And also as a tradition, most of them were wiped out by one source or another, leaving black America lost in direction. Most people who have lived during the period of the black understand that ANYTHING can turn America against them. Really seeing that this could be one of the last times we have a leader of this magnitude (smart and peaceful), everything done during this campaign will be put under a microscope.

Since killing you while standing on a balcony is played out now (and pretty obvious now since everybody knows that’s the normal way of killing black leaders), the next way to destroy somebody is in print. With this particular cover of the New Yorker, it painted the EXACT fear white people assume this couple is in the first place, the undercover muslim with the angry black baby mama behind him ready to form allies with Osama (you know, his long distant cousin??) and destroy the America we built. While the cover was made in satire (which i can actually understand),  the way the media will turn this into a fear as they did with this war on “terror” is the problem I’m having with this particular piece.

Well I could ask “What were they thinking?????” But the militant black in me (LOL) knows that they knew EXACTLY what they were thinking. How they could NOT think Fox news or any other publications that are anti Obama are going to run wild with this?? And know how impressionable most white America is (yes people, they are going to really determine who will be the next president), this can be a factor that will turn people away from supporting Obama. So good Job New Yorker. I mean, if the media can make you care about Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohans whereabouts, I’m pretty sure than they make you think just about anything else sadly.

Well I don’t think i was able to get my point across, but I’m running out of time (gotta head to the JOB), but to sum it all up, the media is controlling this election. We are in a time where people are not doing their own research while letting magazines and news broadcasts determine what their lives look like. I see it in music, I see it with the way people dress, the cars they drive, the women they date. Sadly, the media is not doing anything about the crisises we have been through already. Or have you forgot about that too???

More to come later

  1. Mallz says:

    Yeah, I get the whole satire thing, but not only to put that in your mag but to put something like that on the COVER is beyond foul. In the words of the late great Willie Hutch “brotha’s gonna work it out”

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