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Posted: July 15, 2008 by scakshun in Music, rap music
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What up web world?? This is Akshun from Magnum Opus Records reporting to yall what’s been on my mind lately. I hope that my blogs will either entertain, bring hate, or anything for that matter. One thing I don’t mind doing is speaking my mind and I will do it no matter what the subject is. Whether is rap, politics, or the bullshit that goes on through our lives I will bring it to you raw and uncut.

On the hip hop side, things are gettin good yall. At fuckin last I say, especially when all the hype in hip hop is goin towards THIS. I’ve came around some good shit this week. First I’ll start off with Killer Mike who probably dropped the best damn hip hop album in the south this year. I will be the first to say that I’ve never been much of Mike fan due to his bad taste in production (god bless Outkast) on his pretty sad first album. I picked his album up off the strengh of his video (message!!) and I was not dissapointed (like i was with this boring piece of shit. Okay, the album wasn’t bad just forgettable). The reason I put this album as my pick for right now is that the record is from the home of horseshit music (ATL yall!!!) and pretty much stands as a force to be reckoned with. Good job Mike. I’m gonna try to put everyone on this.

Also, yall need to pick up that Nas tomorrow. Hell buy two copies. That album is serious. i mean is the videos ain’t gettin yall (example one and two) then god bless yall. This man literally put out a conscious record in 2008 which is a feat itself (sorry yall nobody buys kweli’s records except me). I, as many of the hip hop world, though he would not be able to pull it off, but he actually did. Hell I even like the record with Chris Brown!! Props to nas for this man. He really did his thing on here. I hope this sells, even though it’s been a lollipop ass summer. Grown folks stand up and support this album. Cuz i’m pretty sure that these kind of albums will not be put out on majors anymore. Ask Dead Prez.

Well guys, that’s enough from me for the moment. Since i finally know how to put up these blogs (I’m not as computer savvy as Dan. I can only type) I will post my thoughts and such on things more often. I would have had more up here, but my girlfriend has been sick, along with work and spending all my free time trying to find the right bed for my daughter. I haven’t really had much time to even think of much to say since I’ve been running around Columbia doing all sorts of shit. But This is a taste of what I have to offer to this blog world. Peace and all that other shit.


Trae and Zro (ABN)-It Is What It Is LISTEN

Killer Mike-I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind LISTEN

Nas-NIGGER (UNTITLED to white folks)

Siah and Yeshua DaPoed-The Visualz Anthology LISTEN

Dwele-Sketches of A Man LISTEN

  1. zillz says:

    yo ima have to cosign on what you said about that new Killer Mike album…that joint is hardbody. there won’t be an album out the deep south touching that this year. cosign on the Nas too. ima have to get educated on the Siah and Yeshua DaPoed that’s new to me.

  2. danjohns says:

    Yeah Ak is the resident music critic. I pretty much stumble across good music or just ask ak what’s popping.

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