The Jesse Jackson clip on Obama & More..

Posted: July 12, 2008 by danjohns in News & Politics
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I am posting this clip, because after trying to spark conversation with different people, I began to realize that some people have not formed an opinion one way or the other, because they haven’t seen the clip.

Rev. Jackson has really disappointed some members of the black community. Honestly, I’ve been calling him (and Rev. Al Sharpton) an ambulance chaser for years now. The fight has entered a new phase, and the battles that he has been picking in recent years aren’t doing anything to make it easier for us.

The confederate flag on the State House steps in Columbia comes to mind. There are minorities in this country that are being forced to choose between food, utility bills, and gas to get to work. Some people find themselves faced with being unemployed during a recession, when jobs are being scaled back. I could go on…

My issue with this clip is not so much the timing of it, or the fact that it was caught on camera, but the fact that a ‘champion of civil rights’ from yesteryear feels this way, without actually having a conversation with Obama about what he means when he says certain things. It is ill to me that most misunderstandings elevate because of a lack of communication.

Step your game up Jesse…help the cause instead of hurting it. and while I’m on my soapbox, someone please keep a microphone away from Nas unless he’s recording music. When he speaks on social issues without proper time to write down his thoughts, he comes off incoherent.

  1. zillz says:

    I feel ya on that. Jesse is sounding jealous to me. And he’s been apologizing profusely.

    not to throw the wrench in…if you’ve heard what Yung Berg said about the sistas, how do you feel about that?

  2. marlon b. says:

    Please tell me NAZ didn’t say, ” I got this.” Got what, NAZ? What he got is: got to learn effective communication skills, got to take a few speech classes, got to get educated on numerous issue, got to become cognizant of past and current politics, and got to start loving himself and bury the N word.

    Thanks for highlighting NAZ’s lack of intellect, judgment and inability to speak. And he called Jesse the N word! This fool is foolishly fooling himself. I’m very critical of Jesse; nevertheless, the man has do much good.

  3. Kam says:

    As far as Jesse goes, I’m not really surprised by words more than I am surprised by him getting caught out there like that (on FOX News out of all places). Alot of black leaders don’t care for Barack because he doesn’t directly answer questions on the black community or what he will do to make sure blacks & minorities get treated better. He’s a politician who has charisma and a way with words…he’s not going to get out of place for a couple of black activists who are out of touch with this generation. Not to discredit Jesse because he stepped up as a leader when nobody else had the balls to do it but I’ve never been too sure about what he actually ‘does’. BUT I will say this… they are gonna use this video to divide & conquer. Politicians (Democrats have used it for years) know that the key to winning the majority of black voters comes down to the church. They saw an opportunity to discredit it again (see Rev. Wright) and Jesse is gonna be the fall guy this time. If you can’t win it…damage it’s credibility!

    And for Nas… lol man… Rappers already catch enough heat for not being educated, not standing for anything, and not being well spoken. Though he writes incredible songs and I dig his music, I definitely don’t think he has what it takes to be a leader OUTSIDE of music (which requires speaking well enough to persuade and influence). Yes…Young Jeezy reaches a demographic that most politicians can’t but he doesn’t show any concern for getting them out of the ‘trap’. So a leader… nah! He just makes music that some people in the hood can relate to. Just because you’ve won respect in hip hop for making music and selling albums doesn’t mean that you are a credible activist or ready to lead your people. Ask these same rappers about improving the economy, the Federal Reserve (seeThe Rotschilds), and other topics. You’ll hear more ‘nah I’msayin” and “ugh” than ever. Even though I am an artist myself, I haven’t seen too many rappers (ones who are selling millions) who are prepared to take on that responsibility. Sure we can raise awareness without a doubt but I’ll damn if we are leaders of the black race. Any brother making it rain in the strip club ain’t about to fix our economy…lol.

    …And openly bashing and dismissing a black leader after Jesse got caught up on the SAME network that he called a “Sly Fox”. That’s definitely ass backwards to me. They are gonna use this one situation to blemish everything that he has done in the past.

  4. danjohns says:

    Zillz, what did Berg say?

    Kam you make an excellent point about rappers as leaders. The ones with the most influence don’t have their priorities in order, so society as a whole won’t take their views seriously.

    Sadly, I thought Nas was done being a hypocrite. Oh well.

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