Dandom 7-8-08: Writing Rhymes, Linux, Damn Homie, & More

Posted: July 8, 2008 by danjohns in Dandom
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I’m trying to stay on my grizzly when it comes to these blogs, because much like anything else, you’re only as good as your last one. I have tons of things running through my head, so I’m going to just go in.

Writing Rhymes
is a Full Time Job

As I’m writing and recording the ‘meat and potatoes’ portion of “The Hype Machine” EP, other projects and obligations are popping up. JMaster (my manager) is on his job, working out some guest appearances, as well as opportunities to record with other producers. At the same time, beats are coming in for the album, which will be titled “Endgame.” 

Needless to say, there is a lot of writing, recording and mixing going on. The curious thing about songwriting is that good writers never seem to run out of stuff to talk about. There will be periods of
writers block, or breaks when you don’t write, but typically it always comes to pass. 

In a way, its a good thing for someone to piss me off, or for me to have to deal with a tough situation, because down the line, those types of events always end up leading to good music, even if I don’t write about the actual situation. It isn’t as cut and dry as “frustration at work + family drama = good song” but normally once I’ve gathered myself, and had time to calm down, that built up energy turns into a solid writing session. 

I think that may be why so many indie rappers write a huge amount of songs about wack emcees or the game being messed up? It probably is a source of tremendous frustration for them. haha. (I’m trying to ween myself off of using the term ‘hate’ as it applies to the rap game and any of it’s derivatives.)

Microsoft Can Almost Kick Rocks

My laptop (which I haven’t even had for 2 years yet) started freezing up and acting really stupid. Mind you, I don’t do any ‘heavy lifting’ with the machine. I use it to send my official emails, and to
do graphic design (via Photoshop). Anyway, I had been messing around with Linux on my extra studio computer, and I finally decided that it was time to wipe Windows XP off of my laptop, and totally convert it to Linux. 

easiest version of Linux for people to install is Ubuntu, which was first introduced to me by the homie Justin. Not only is Ubuntu (and the Linux platform) a functional operating system, but it is totally FREE. That’s right, it doesn’t cost a dime. And the about 90% of the software that is compatible is free as well. That God for open source. (google it)

So now, instead of kicking out $600 for Adobe Photoshop (or ‘getting a copy’ of it), I can use the Linux equivalent, The GIMP, for free. No more spending $150 for Microsoft Office, when Open
reads the same formats and does the same functions as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I’ve long since abandoned Internet Explorer and Outlook for Firefox and Thunderbird, so the fact that those 2 come with Ubuntu is

Since the switch, I’ve had no problems with the laptop, and some things work even better than they did in Windows. If you have an older PC that is giving you problems, you should try Ubuntu or other versionsof linux on it. A good place to start is www.distrowatch.com 

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have always recorded my music in
Windows, I wouldn’t own a single computer that has a Microsoft production it. 

Damn Homie! 

Quentin “Rampage” Jackson
lost his light heavyweight title to Forrest Griffin.
Somewhere, I am sure that Chuck Liddell is laughing. That’s one of mixed martial arts biggest draws: anyone can get beaten, in the blink of an eye.

Chess update:

Monday night, I went 5-0 at Fazoli’s. I beat James three times, Najee once, and Cato once. My coworker Leon & I played to a stalemate on lunch today. Today (Tuesday) after work, Cato
destroyed me 5-0. my record for the week is 5-5-1, which is less than stellar. 

  1. zillz says:

    yo big ups on the Linux. I’ve been tinkering with Ubuntu for awhile yo.

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