Dandom 7-5-08: Akshun, Nas, Chess

Posted: July 5, 2008 by danjohns in akshun, Music, rap music, Videos
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when you see the phrase “Dandom” in the title, that will signify a blog consisting of my random thoughts, opinions and what not. So, enter at your own risk! haha

Akshun is on board…

One of closest friends and business partners, Kevin Langston aka Akshun,
will be a contributor to Mag-O.net. If you’re familiar with Ak’s music,
or if you know him on a personal level, then you know that he gives you his opinion, raw and uncut, without compromising what he believes in. His posts will add much needed flavor and diversity to the site.

Nas is a Rebel to America
his new album, “Untitled,”
which like most music releases, has leaked on the internet, Nas
challenges America and its hypocracy. Tackling topics ranging from the use of the word “nigger” to the bias of Fox News, the Queensbridge emcee has put together his most controversial project to date. The hype surrounding the original album title of “Nigger” may have been the
absolute best promotion for this project. Every year, my homie K-Hill and I debate over the latest releases from Jay-Z
and Nas.
Well, normally we disagree on many points, and I’m always the one that ends up saying “Nas could’ve done a lot better on this album.” This time is different. I’m thoroughly impressed with this project, and the production fits the overall theme of this project. kudos to Nas (although I wanted “Esco Lets Go” to make the final cut)

Chessboxing Update...

Yesterday the homie Joe beat me 5-heart (that is 5 games to 0) on the chessboard. As we were playing the 5th
game, Dwayne arrived at the barbershop, and I took out my frustrations on him by beating him 5-1. I had him 4-heart, before he won a game.

Later that night at Swole’s cookout (which I’m going to go on record as saying is THE best cookoutgoing annually), I was challenged to a game by a guy that apparently knows me through Joe. (don’t know the guy’s name). People gathered around us watching, and this dude named Swift called next. I finished the night 4-0 at the cookout, so that took me to 9-6 for the day. It wasn’t pretty, but i’ll take it.

Well, I’m about to socialize with the family a little, so that’s it for today’s Dandom.

  1. zillz says:

    yeah nas really impressed me too. nas has a knack for picky shifty ass beats. but he did really well this time around. and the lyrics, i never ever had doubt in the lyrics. But, I wonder if after the album circulates, will the theme / the lyrics / his message have served its purpose? Will it get people talking in real, frank, intelligent discussions?

  2. danjohns says:

    I feel what you’re saying. I think the concern should be if the people that need to hear the album get to hear it. you know?

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