I’m a blogger now…

Posted: June 29, 2008 by danjohns in News & Politics

NYC picAfter (finally) falling in love with reading blogs, and using them as a substitute for different forms of media, (why buy a hip hop magazine when I can find all of that stuff out before the next issue hits the shelves?) I decided that it was time to venture into the realm as a blogger myself.

Being a musician, and outside of that a decent writer (even if I say so myself), I’ve always found that putting my thoughts down on paper can be a much-needed outlet.

During the times when it feels that no else is listening, its a way to express what’s going on in that head of yours without burdening others. During the good times, writing becomes a trumpet to alert the world of your great accomplishments or personal triumphs. And lastly, during business campaigns, it is a great way to explain your thought process, objectives, and purpose.

Expect to see all of the above here, and much more. I can run through the full range of emotions, from serious to silly. But no matter what mood I’m in at any particular time, I’ll always be passionate. I hope you come through often, and hit me with feedback. peace!

  1. zillz says:

    glad u jumped into the blogging arena man!

    we got that “Same Page” joint you got with Chaundon on the LB Fansite

  2. Geechie says:

    Just wanted to give you a drop on the new blog. Hopefully it will be a kewl place to kill time while im doing important nothingness at work.

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